Services for vendors

We build, scale, and operate your value management practice.

Business Value Management

We help to drive sales, increase sales margins, protect prices, and build credibility and trust with customers.


Many software and technology vendors still manage commercial and service relationships by focusing on technical product features, and struggle to create an effective Business Value Management (BVM) practice, despite realizing the importance of this discipline.

Our Design service helps vendors to model a custom-made and state-of-the-art BVM practice,identifying the key value drivers, and then designing and developing the value-based sales and post-sales tools needed, in record time.

By considering multiple dimensions, such as average deal size, existing sales channels, the profile and structure of sales and post sales teams, and geographic sales footprints, we help companies to establish a roadmap to implement a successful BVM practice.


Often software and technology vendors have defined a BVM practice, but are missing parts in their processes, tools, and organisation, struggle with effective communication and sales force training, or with executing their strategy. 

 TVST’s Implement service supports vendors to advance and apply their BVM practice, by leveraging more than a decade of experience.

 Our team can help to analyse processes and tools, leadership, and sales and post sales team structures, to identify the potential gaps. We develop pilots to generate quick wins and learning experiences, before defining a roll-out plan, which includes communication and BVM trainings for medium and large scale. Finally, we establish PMO organization to control the consistent adoption of the BVM practice.


During such disruptive times, scaling a BVM practice repeatedly involves recruiting a very expensive team of professionals. This means small teams, usually dedicated to a limited number of large or strategic opportunities.

BVM Operate is a service aimed at vendors striving to successfully drive the value-based sales and post-sales practices they already have in place, to cost-effectively navigate the future.

 This service finds opportunities to scale BVM practices, through simplification, standardisation, and automation, while establishing strong QA and PMO teams.

We also identify segments that could be partially outsourced, with increased efficiency and reduced costs. Our pilots validate new operational models, leading to a more successful roll-out and increased operational control.


Many mid-size business software and technology vendors understand the benefits of a value-based sales and post-sales practice, but don’t have the know-how, time, or budget to create an effective practice without significant risks.

 Our TVST Outsource service supports vendors to identify the key value drivers, and achieve transformational success, with a dedicated team of experts to create and operate BVM practices, end-to-end (from opportunity qualification, to BVM collateral production, to direct presales and post sales BVM support).

 We identify the segments to cover, then design and develop value-based sales and post-sales collateral, analytical tools, and implementation processes. Our value managers run pilots that verify the operational model, guiding progressive adoption and scalability.


We build the financial arguments to close deals with new and existing customers, boosting new business and upsell cross-sell success rates.

Value Foundation

Meeting growth expectations is an ongoing concern for many business software and technologyvendors. Every quarter it gets more difficult to hit targets, and harder to attract quality leads. It oftenfeels like sales teams are stuck wasting time on deals that never seem to close.

TVST’s Value Foundation service provides vendors with a 4-week guided sprint that removes the fundamental roadblocks holding them back from becoming a software business that no one can ignore.

Through clear segmentation and laser-sharp positioning, a value proposition that stands out, interactive sales and messaging frameworks, and a solution vision map to drive alignment across marketing, development, and sales, we help companies to end the stresses of stalling growth.

 Sales Strategy

Vendors face several challenges in the sales space, such as vast competition, creating a feasible SaaS sales model, generating quality leads, and prioritising customer retention; diversifying sales is often tough business.

Our Sales Strategy service employs the expertise of our senior consultants at TVST, helping vendors to review their sales strategy to build a long-term plan for B2B sales teams, define sales targets, direct selling activities, and monitor sales performance.

With our market research activity, we can determine the customer segmentation, establish the best sales channels, design the sales methodology and a business development approach, create the sales process, and select the supporting technology landscape, to optimise activities.

Sales Enablement

Sales space difficulties continue when it comes to the implementation of a SaaS sales strategy. With the current world crises and ongoing labour crunches, maintaining productivity and aligning sales and marketing teams is also becoming increasingly complicated.

The Sales Enablement consulting service at TVST, alleviates these issues by combining the vision and knowledge of our sector experts, working closely with technology vendors to improve sales performance, through the successful enablement of their sales force.

Our sales force training and monitoring, persona-oriented buyer conversation guides, market and industry sales playbooks, competitor analyses, sales battlecards, and industry briefs, can support you to expand and implement a profitable SaaS sales strategy.

 Project Management

Improving business agility is a major challenge for technology leaders. And great project management, that prioritises customer retention and gets the message exactly right, is the key to stay ahead of such vast competition.

Our Project Management service is for companies who need specialist assistance to track and monitor the performance of various sales projects, while effectively deploying new sales staff, processes, and tools, to meet customer demands and create new business models.

By managing services such as expansion to new markets and geographies, integration of sales teams and methodologies, addition of new sales functions, implementation of new sales processes, deployment of new sales tools, and performance management systems, we can help refine the direction of your projects.

Change Management

During these times of constant change, along with tight margins and increasing overheads, openness to innovation has shifted. For technology and software vendors it has become more difficult to integrate change management with business strategy, which can be make-or-break for vendor/client relationships.

TVST’s Change Management service guides technology vendors through business transformation initiatives. We support companies to advance their processes, enhancing their capabilities to quickly adapt and respond to changing market needs, to stay ahead of competitors and gain advantage.

Through sales transformation maturity assessments, sales force capability assessments, adoption of new sales processes, introduction of new digital sales and marketing capabilities, and customer centricity change programs (from product-oriented to customer-centric), we make your transformation easy.