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While taking our traditional consulting roots into the future, we empower you to have the most efficient and creative cross-organizational conversations, to trigger new insights and drive decisions.

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At Kreivo, we are focused on enabling you to make communicative teamwork a day-to-day reality across your organization—leveraging delibera, the most complete and innovative online collaborative intelligence platform.

delibera is the first online platform that makes it possible to include any number of people in key conversations, no matter their location, languages, or schedules.


Unlocking your collective ingenious and bringing great ideas into being


faster to reach a decision


less meetings


reduction in costs per meeting


increased employee engagement rate

A user-friendly, intuitive, and engaging online environment, delibera drastically raises the quality of important group conversations by offering structured templates, designed to encourage participation and collect scattered knowledge.

Kreivo’s certification for delibera trains you to make the most out of the platform, without the need for long-term consulting support: offering criteria on how to use the templates to your advantage, how to focus conversations, who to invite, and how to keep discussions open. With the best collaboration tools, we support you to drive cultural change, with greater efficiency and engagement from all stakeholders.

The benefits of using

Include an unlimited number
of people
in key discussions

Gather knowledge and
intel in 1/5 of the

Enhance group decision making,
increasing the chances of

Pool everyone’s knowledge,
optimizing group intelligence

Identify changemakers, boosting empowerment and accountability 

Facilitate leadership,
, and motivation

delibera implementation

With over 20+ years of experience in strategic and business consulting, our global team of collaborative intelligence experts, can help you to traverse the disruptive business forces of today. We offer support to organizations who have already procured delibera licences to make optimal use of the structured conversation templates available, based on the objectives pursued, to grow a successful culture of collaboration.

  1. Design and define: determine the objectives and establish the best template.
  2. Execute and measure: understand what is feasible, achievable, and most valuable.
  3. Know-how transfer: evaluate, boost transformational benefits, and develop autonomy.

delibera is currently used by companies such as:

Boosting engagement, inspiring collaboration, and empowering transformation.

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