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68% of key account managers (KAMs) say their organizational practices are ineffective at growing key account partnerships


Companies can build more effective account plans by looking beyond account size or share of wallet and infusing account plans with customer sentiment


50-60% of key account managers’ objectives are related to growing accounts or deploying framework agreements

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Does your approach to key account planning need a fresh vision?

Welcome the full perspective of your people: this is where strategic excellence converges with elevated decision making. Acknowledging that roughly 80% of sales groups face the challenge of remaking key account programs, it’s imperative to reimagine strategies for improved retention, growth, and resource utilization in major account supervision. It’s time to imagine new ways of account planning, with enhanced efficiency, time-effectiveness and better inputs from all key people, leading to more profitable outcomes.


Boosting engagement, inspiring collaboration, and optimizing account planning with Collaborative
Intelligence (CI)

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Mastering key account planning strategies to surpass quotas (even when 58% of companies don’t)

At a time when 95% of CSOs expect higher growth rates from the key accounts, 58% of companies are failing to achieve their quotas for those accounts. Even worse, almost half have redesigned their key account planning strategies more than once in the last 7 years. So why are quotas not being achieved if account planning is adequately in place?…

How key account planning is transcending traditional sales: a CEO’s perspective

According to Gartnernearly 80% of sales organizations find themselves trapped in a relentless loop, constantly rebuilding their key account management processes every few years to combat persistent underperformance. However, 50-60% of Key Account Managers have objectives related to growing accounts or deploying framework agreements…

Unlocking key account success through cross-functional collaboration 

As we stand on the brink of what JP Morgan predicts to be a “synchronized global downturn sometime in 2024,” businesses are scrutinizing their expenditures with an eagle eye, seeking cost-saving opportunities. However, with a staggering 58% of key accounts failing to deliver on their quotas…

How key account planning boosts customer experience and revenues 

In today’s competitive landscape, where only 22% of B2B companies consistently act on their customers’ experiences (Bain) and more than half of key accounts fail to meet their committed quotas (Gartner), the critical question arises: could elevating customer experience and revenues…

Boosting engagement, inspiring collaboration, and empowering transformation.

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