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How much do you spend on unnecessary meetings?

Use our bespoke calculator to work out how much your organization spends on unnecessary meetings, each month and year, for each employee.

This works using any currency—all you need is the average salaries for managerial and non-managerial roles and the number of people in each of these categories.

Our cost of unnecessary meetings calculator is based on research by Dr. Steven G. Rogelberg, Professor of Organizational Science, Management at UNC Charlotte. 

Cost of unnecessary meetings calculator

What is collaborative intelligence?

Collaborative intelligence is a human-centred philosophy, fast becoming a driving force in the business world of today. It focuses on encouraging engagement, to generate innovation and business transformation.

Collaborative intelligence unites teams of all sizes to unlock the power of key conversations—providing a space where everyone can participate with ease, to share insights that break down silos and challenge fixed mindsets, leading to operational change.

30% of weekly meetings are considered unnecessary

Dr. Steven G. Rogelberg

26% of leaders  believe collaboration is the biggest challenge

Project Manager Global Trends

56% of employees worldwide  feel disconnected remote working


Why collaborative intelligence?

We all exist and function in a sphere of interconnecting systems, processes, and people.

Collaborative intelligence brings great thought to the fore, drawing on the collective knowledge and expertise of team members, to help make better-informed business decisions, much faster.

It is often the team members who don’t speak so loudly that have the best knowledge to shape future solutions and drive greater success. With CI, companies can foster collaboration and cross-functional problem-solving, to increase efficiency and time to market.

The usual forms of collaboration have big limits:

in many cases key people may  

… live in different places

… speak different languages

… have difficulty synchronizing agendas

… need time to reflect on ideas discussed

… need a stimulating deliberation environment

… be a large group, sometimes thousands!

How can we help?

Currently, we are facing some unnerving global challenges in the business world—shifting governments and politics, forever-changing rules and regulations, fast moving market trends, and a never seen before rate of digital transformation.

These challenges we can face together.

We bring fresh senses. We are open and interested. We assume nothing. And we turn your ideas into outcomes.

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