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We empower your people with the skills and technology to challenge, iterate, and imagine new possibilities—wherever they are.

Half of transformation value comes from 68% of all the initiatives, that are worth $250,000 or less


When leaders find ways to meaningfully involve 7% or more of their employees, positive change starts to escalate


Collaborative work has risen 50% or more over the past decade to consume 85% or more of most people’s work weeks

Harvard Business Review

Critical meetings, launching, and  follow up

Effective communication has never been more important for efficient meetings—from planning, to engaging, to understanding the key points discussed and how best to act on them.

When the number of participants is large, individuals don´t have much time to contribute, being scattered across several geographies can also make the execution of a constructive meeting complicated.

Through specific collaborative activities before and after critical meetings, that capture ideas and give improved results, Kreivo supports you to coordinate more successful engagements.

Define and measure strategy

With any change your business undertakes, it’s vital to regularly assess your strategy and methods for building a culture of collaboration.

 By optimizing group discussions, breaking barriers of language, location, or hesitancy, we will help you to gather dispersed knowledge, highlighting knowledgeable people who might not normally contribute to meetings verbally, or have gotten lost in the depths of such a large team.

Our consultants can help you to better understand your organizational strengths, to define and implement your strategy, and support you to measure the resulting benefits.

Generate innovation

Cultivating and growing collaborative innovation within your organization may involve significant effort, particularly if your people have been focused on individual-oriented tasks.

By providing a space where limitless groups of employees can freely contribute ideas, Kreivo obtains, classifies, and evaluates proposals from sources within your organization and contrasts them with market trends.

We work with leaders to prioritize and evaluate the impacts and risks of innovative proposals, before helping you implement ideas, and monitor the initiatives launched.

Evaluate events

Driving successful events depends on a solid foundation of communication and transparency.

At Kreivo, our CI experts can support you to carry out key company events, extract the most reliable information from them, and evaluate the results.

With reduced meeting time, greater involvement of members, and lower cost, you can get more from your organizational experiences. We help you to look at your organization from everyone’s perspective, to find the best solution.

Enhance processes

Drawing on the best assessments and feedback from your team, the next step is to revise your processes.

When you incorporate transparent business process improvement plans using collaborative intelligence, it’s much simpler to reach business success.

By capturing the ideas your team has for improving processes, cost and risk reductions, giving everyone a voice, and encouraging participation, we assist you to analyze, categorize, and validate optimizations, while aligning them with your company strategy.

Optimize salesforces

As you strive to instil a collaborative organizational culture, your teams will be able to thrive like never before.

Sales optimization involves making sure you have the best people in the most well-suited roles, efficient and effective sales processes, and product and market knowhow.

Kreivo uses collaborative intelligence to help you to understand your salesforce and navigate everchanging business landscapes, irrespective of whether your teams share an office space or work remotely, to improve the impact of your organization and mitigate any risks.

Campaign or action feedback

Building cross-functional task forces, encouraging members across different departments to work together, is key to great feedback and successful evaluation. 

We help you to measure the impact of campaigns and actions, and evaluate changes, by promoting a culture of continuous improvement and gaining qualitative and quantitative insights from large groups, that can be categorized into valuable feedback, proposed improvements, and risk mitigations.

Transformation office

Continuously flowing information is an essential component for digital transformation, as landscapes evolve.

With the best collaborative tools and knowledge Kreivo can help you to tap into a wider talent pool and develop a complete transformation in your organization: starting from capturing the diverse ideas of stakeholders, through to the evaluation, prioritization, and decision to follow up on the implementation and improvement.

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