Our history

While we honour our past, we work for the future.

TVST history

After more than one decade working as a strategic consultant for well-known international consulting firms in the Americas and Europe, José Catalá joined SAP to collaborate with the creation of its “Value Engineering” (Business Value Management) team in EMEA. Once accomplished this objective, in 2009, he created a small independent consulting firm to help software startups and small/medium size software vendors to design and implement their own Business Value Management practices; and so, The Value Search Team (TVST) was born.

During the first five years, with a very small team, TVST supported software, hardware, and telecom companies in Europe to design and launch their Business Value Management practices.

In 2016, TVST was contacted by one of the most important global software vendors to help them scale their Business Value Management operation, to increase global reach and maximise its commercial effectiveness, while containing the costs of a major expansion of the practice. In the following years this objective was accomplished and surpassed, leading to a major growth of TVST’s consulting staff and a series of experiences that are unique in the industry.

In 2019 TVST started to establish a series of alliances that complement its already strong BVM capabilities, allowing the firm to deliver the most complete range of Business Value Management consulting services in the market: Short & Tall, Shark Finesse, Ökol, Value Inspiration, Thinkers Co.

In 2022, with a team of more than 50 highly specialised Business Value Management consultants worldwide and solid complementary alliances, TVST offers its services to software and technology vendors and buyers, with the certainty that no one can offer a better-quality service in this field.